As one of the four pillars, Study is an integral part of the life of a member of the Dominican Laity.  The Rule calls us to embrace "assiduous study" and life-long formation.  As a seeker of Truth (a Dominican motto), this commitment is both a challenge and a joy.  The challenge, especially to a writer, lecturer, or presenter is that there seems to be no "final version" of a topic or a limit to the perspective that one may have about it.  For the learner, however, this can be truly exhilarating!

The following list of resources is our "et cetera", the one more article to read, the one more purchase on a wish list, the one more link to follow, and a way to become immersed in the pursuit of knowledge for more time than one really intended.  It is the fruit of our contemplation and a way to more discovery about things Dominican.  These listings are not after-thoughts nor are they intended to be an exhaustive bibliography or reference list.  They are simply offerings that we have come across in our research and editing, and, truthfully, a reasonable way we can end our written words on a topic, but still keep the door open to broader and deeper knowledge.

A word of caution about copyright infringement is necessary.  It is the user's responsibility to be aware of copyright laws as they apply to all aspects of the media including but not limited to printed material, web sites, and audio, digital, or electronic transmissions.  We do not claim copyright ownership of any of the materials listed below so we have no authority to grant you any permission to use these materials other than how each copyright holder allows.  We encourage you to investigate and adhere to those specifications.

The fact that a listing is here and another listing is not suggests that this section is and always will be a “work in progress”.   Some web sites do change and some become inactive, so we apologize if you are not able to access the particular information you are seeking.    We plan to update this list of resources with each lesson/module we post.  We will include information that ranges from the traditional to the progressive as long as it remains within the boundaries of Catholic teaching.

A Spiritual and Intellectual Buffet

Every so often we come across a web site that has such a variety of valuable material that it resembles a spiritual and intellectual buffetWe recommend doing a “search” on these listings first in addition to any entry we list separately under the particular topic of your study.   Enjoy!
Note as of October 12, 2012: the first four items on this list refer to websites that are currently undergoing restructuring, so the included links are not operational.

Links to a wide variety of Catholic topics of particular interest to Dominicans:

Links to just about everything Dominican:

 An extensive list of documents about Catholic Tradition and Education as well as many subtopics dealing with Dominican life:

Great collection of documents especially from the Masters of the Order:   (click on Library then Document Library)

Commercial site of audio and visual programs and retreats by professors and experts, many about or by Dominicans (search “Dominican” or your topic) :

A comprehensive collection of topics about Catholic history and teaching:

An annotated list of numerous resources about the Word on the Web:

The website for the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, a non-profit research and educational institute that promotes Scripture study in the Catholic Tradition:


Dominican Art

Dominican art “freely received and freely given”:

St. Dominic and the History of the Order

Woods, Richard OP.  St Dominic and the Dominican Way:  the Order of Preachers.    12 lectures on CD with study guide, available at

Liturgy of the Hours

Web site of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions:

Mullady, Brian OP.  Liturgy of the Hours 65 minute CD available at


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