The primary purpose of this site is to support a standardized formation program that leads to formal membership within the Dominican Laity.  It is a starting point, a place to find "common ground" about Dominican life.  The study topics match those approved by the Southern Dominican Laity, USA.  If you live within the boundaries of another province, please check with your Lay Provincial Executive Council about the particular topics that your province addresses even though there should be a significant overlap.

Since forming Community is an indispensible part of Dominican life, Why Dominican? is designed to be used in a small group setting and managed by a Formation Team.  The Formation Team may consist of one or more promised members of the Dominican Laity or an individual or individuals approved by the Lay Provincial Executive Council. An approved individual may be a newcomer, a Dominican priest, brother, or sister or, in some circumstances, a non-Dominican parish priest or staff member. There is a special section on this site that is intended for use by the Formation Team as presenters lead the small group through the Inquiry Stage and then the Candidacy Stage.

If a small group has already been through an approved Inquiry program and is joining Why Dominican? at the Candidacy Stage, it is important that there are no information gaps in the process.  It is recommended that the Formation Team check with the Lay Provincial Executive Council for specific instructions and read the Inquiry materials themselves before presenting the Candidacy materials.

This site may also be used for self-instruction, but since that is not the primary structural design of this stie, an individual may simply want to browse the material but focus on the Resources tab to find appropriate materials for personal enrichment.  In addition, for a variety of reasons, a small group may want to learn about Dominican life through the eyes of the laity without the commitment of becoming members of the Dominican Laity.  All topics would be appropriate for study except for the modules on the Rule and Particular Directory at each stage.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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